Bound to the ground

This is the original v.0.1 script. It will eventually crash if the original curve is very intricate (the curves created by the script will become shorter than the tolerance returning a “string required” error…

Anyway, here is the code:

Option Explicit

‘Script written by Ado

Call Main()
Sub Main()
Dim arrStartPt()
ReDim Preserve arrStartPt(0)
arrStartPt(0) = Rhino.GetPoint (“select start point”)
Dim strCrv : strCrv = Rhino.GetObject (“select boundary curve”, 4)
Dim i, j, l, arrNewPt, strTempLn, arrCCX, arrNewTempPt, strNewLine, dblCrvLength
Dim dblAngle : dblAngle = 10
Dim k : k = 10
For j = 1 To 100
ReDim Preserve arrStartPt(j)
arrNewPt = Rhino.Polar (arrStartPt(j-1), k, 10000)
strTempLn = Rhino.addLine (arrStartPt(j-1),arrNewPt)
arrCCX = Rhino.CurveCurveIntersection (strTempLn, strCrv)
If arrCCX(i,0) = 1 Then
arrNewTempPt = arrCCX(0,1)
End If
Call Rhino.DeleteObject (strTempLn)
strNewLine = Rhino.AddLine (arrStartPt(j-1),arrNewTempPt)
dblCrvLength = Rhino.CurveLength (strNewLine)
k = k + (134 – dblCrvLength)
strNewLine = Rhino.ScaleObject (strNewLine,arrStartPt(j-1),array(0.9,0.9,0.9))
arrStartPt(j) = rhino.CurveEndPoint (strNewLine)
Dim arrNewStartPt()
For l = 0 To UBound(arrStartPt)
ReDim Preserve arrNewStartPt(l)
arrNewStartPt(l) = array(arrStartPt(l)(0),arrStartPt(l)(1),arrStartPt(l)(2)+(l*10))
Call Rhino.AddCurve (arrNewStartPt)
End Sub

Bound to the ground 1


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