Diggin’ on hell’s door

Option Explicit
‘Script written by Ado

Call Main()
Sub Main()

‘Dim strSrf : strSrf = Rhino.GetObject(“closed surface”,16)

Dim arrPtSeed : arrPtSeed = Rhino.GetObject(“Base Point”,1)
arrPtSeed = Rhino.PointCoordinates(arrPtSeed)

Dim n : n = 1000 ‘Rhino.GetInteger(“nr of points”, 10)

‘Dim bbox : bbox = Rhino.BoundingBox(strSrf)
Dim min : min = -500 ‘Rhino.Distance(bbox(0),bbox(6))/8
Dim max : max = 500’ Rhino.Distance(bbox(0),bbox(6))/4

Dim i, k : k = 1 : i = 0
Dim arrPt
Dim arrPtsCollect()

ReDim Preserve arrPtsCollect(0)
arrPtsCollect(0) = arrPtSeed

Do Until k = n+1

arrPt = array(arrPtSeed(0)+arbitraryValue(min, max),_
arrPtSeed(1) + arbitraryValue(min, max),_
arrPtSeed(2)- abs(arbitraryValue(min, max)))

Dim arrPtNeighBor : arrPtneighbor = shortestPt(arrPtsCollect, arrPt)
Call rhino.AddLine(arrPt, arrPtNeighBor)

ReDim Preserve arrPtsCollect(k)
arrPtsCollect(k) = arrPt
k = k + 1


Dim strCrv : strCrv = rhino.AddInterpCurve(arrPtsCollect)
Call rhino.ObjectColor(strcrv, vbred)

End Sub

Function shortestPt(arrPtsCollection, arrPtTest)
Dim i
Dim dblDistMin : dblDistMin = 100000000
For i = 0 To UBound(arrPtsCollection)
Dim dblDist : dblDist = rhino.Distance(arrPtTest, arrPtsCollection(i))
If dbldist 0 Then
If dblDist < dblDistMin Then
dblDistMin = dblDist
shortestPt = arrPtsCollection(i)
End If
End If
End Function

One more of the series… this one is almost working… i guess what i wanted is to have different possibilities to explore boundary populations, starting from surfaces to go to closed lines and finally redefine those conditions in the polysurfaces.

Digging algorithm

Digging algorithm


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