_50 “triangle” robots (of same size) given random start point at base (dotted blue circles)

   _Each robot given different random starting direction/orientation of bone extrusion.

   _Each robot given same speed and achieve same height per iteration

  _Each robot given same boundary sphere (blue sphere at top of drawing)

Condition 1_If robot’s boundary sphere should ever intersect with another, then change orientation to ‘snap’ together at same moment (In DRAWING see thickness of red line).  New orientation is established as average of combined robot trajectories (ex: (robot traj A + robot traj B)/2 = new robot traj).  There is no set amount of nesting of robots, the more the merrier (allows for higher structural dexterity). (NOTE: (highest nesting of robots achieved thus far was 5) 

Condition 2_ If robot’s boundary sphere does NOT come in contact with another robot boundary sphere for 5 phases, change direction (to hopefully find another robot)

_ If robots are snapped for 5 phases, “un-fuse” and take new random orientation (to allow for search for other robots allowing for stronger structural stability of system)

Possibilities (in order of hierarchy):

_ increase connectivity of system by either increasing the density of robots, shrinking boundary of initial scatter, or increasing ‘scope’ of robots’ blue boundary sphere.  Least time consuming is to increase ‘scope’ of robots’ blue boundary sphere

_ Condition 3_ return to base_ Would allow for highest density at base and least density at top of system_ Originally was conceived to provide increased thickness of bone members closest to the base but since “stacking” bone on top of bone is no longer perceived as possible, would alow for a higher concentration of density towards base (in other words tying back bone to original base to allow more connections to ground plane / higher structural support, and also sustance renewal while their.

_ Condition 4_ If robot has not found a partner for ’10’ phases, commit suicide (useless to the system) (will get rid of ‘floating’ strands) _ currently no protocal for termination

_ Condition 5_ porosity _ cinnamin bun swirl protocal?

_ Condition 6_ substance renewal _ maybe solved by condition 3


To FR + MF: Please email me immediately if you have any comments that could drastically change the outcome of system and/or if any other these conditions seem contradictory to the system. I will try to post again by sat afternoon with trajectory test B.


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