The aim of this project consist on re_organizing the components of tires to come out with a new environment. It faces a landscape produced out of waste to transform it in an inhabitable one. So far, the scenario proposed as a biotope is nothing but a tire cemetery.

Tires are made out of rubber and steel and nylon wires. Tires could be melted to produce oil that can be used to get fuel. However, there are two more processes of transformation that will be used to address the proejct.

The first one consists on shredding the tires to obtain pieces of rubber and steel shavings. Then, magnets are used to separate both components so that they could be reused. The second one is based on removing the rubber using high pressure water to get steel and nylon wires.

Then, two possible procedures could be used to generate inhabitable bodies. One of them consists on weaving the nylon and the steel to get a structural body and then dropping melted rubber on top of it. The other one is slightly similar since basically tends to mix weaved nylon and steel with melted rubber to project the resulting mixture to generate shape.

Here you have the research process jpg files and a link for a video with the initial thoughts for the porposal. There is also another video available about tire process transformation.


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